People choose to cash their checks at ABC Money Exchange because we offer a convenient, confidential, cost-effective option.

ABC Money Cashes 3 Types of Checks:


  • Payroll

  • Government

  • Business Checks

We charge only 1% at al our 10 locations.  You can find your local branch here.






Check cashing has been one of ABC Money's main services offered to the border communities since 1998
While banks and other check cashing companies may limit the types or sizes of checks they cash, ABC Money Exchange team members are committed to cashing 3 types of checks.

Many banks refuse to cash checks for people who don’t have bank accounts. For those with bank accounts, banks can hold the deposited funds for several days or even weeks until the check clears their banking system. This is inconvenient for customers who need cash immediately.

   Business Check Cashing Services

ABC Money Exchange offers immediate cash for checks made payable to your business! Need to cash a check but your bank is closed?

Come to ABC Money Exchange We offer competitive check cashing rates and we won’t hold your funds. Walk out with the cash you need to run your business. Call or visit any ABC Money branch and ask about special business check cashing rates.



510 E San Ysidro Blvd, San Diego, CA 92173

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